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Lost in London?


You start the process to rent a room in London. Now you can either be someone who is looking to take a room for rent or someone who has a free room and so looking to share it with someone to make it easier for you financially and also have some company to pass off those boring days. London can be a very lonely place for anyone who is new to it. The people seem to be too busy and they all seem to be rushing about. It is quite natural for anyone to feel totally lost. But you are new to the place and may have come there for studies or maybe to do your job and so you need to just learn to live with it.

Under such circumstances, it would be great to have someone with you to share the thrills and spills of London. So you might be looking for an option to do London flatshare where you are basically trying to see if you can get someone who already is in a flat and has been in London for quite some time so that you can share the flat or room with him and drive away some of the London blues. This is where flatshare sites come in handy for such people. All that they need to do is log in and find for ads that are posted on the website by people looking for roommates or flat mates. Of course, if you want to live alone, you can also post an ad to rent a room for yourself.

A new concept that has arisen in the London flatshare is a Christian flatshare. There is a separate website for this concept and the uniqueness of this concept of flatshare is that it helps to connect people with the local churches. Though the site mainly caters to students and bachelors who are seeking accommodation, it also helps families who are relocating and moving to a new place to connect with the local church.

It works in a similar manner to flatshare services as far as searching for rooms and posting ads are concerned but it is deeply connected to the Christian religion.

Christian flat share idea also has several features which helps to match up the different people so that anyone can find room mates who are as compatible with each other as possible. It’s always quite difficult to find someone who matches our character in all ways but these websites help us to at least narrow down our choices. Once this is done, then it is up to the 2 people to meet each other and understand their needs and characters and see whether they are compatible enough to be able to share a room without any major problems.

Fast And Fun Way To Rent A Room In Your Home Or Flat


While London may be a great place to live it can also be expensive, so if you have a home or a flat and looking for someone to share expenses by renting a room or sharing your flat, finding the right flatmate may simpler than you think and coming to yChatter is the best place to find that flatmate quickly.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of young people looking for student rooms in London and it really is just a simple matter of letting those people know that you have a room to rent.  With yChatter you can post that room for rent not from your mobile phone not just from your home computer.  Best of all you can even upload pictures so that all those potential flatmates out there can get a view of the room or flat you have to offer.

By positing a profile on flatmate finder via yChatter you not only can allow that potential flatmate to see the room, but learn something about you as well.  This will help you in two ways.  First, it will help to automatically rule out those potential people who have a vastly different lifestyle from you as they will look for a flatmate that more closely enjoys their lifestyle and secondly, it will save you time because only the people who think that you and they will be a good flatmate match will contact you about the room. Which means you can spend less time turning down those flatmates you have nothing in common with while allowing you to concentrate on those people you have a lot in common with.

Of course neither flatmate finder or yChatter will be able to ensure that you find the “perfect” flatmate, but they can sure increase your chances of doing so. After all flatmate finder has been helping people find the right renters for years now and yChatter simply makes finding the right renter easier and more convenient.   Best of all yChatter is free to download and is the perfect blend of social media and rental listings making it both convenient and fun at one and the same time.

So if you have room to rent that would great student accommodation in London then why not download the yChatter app and be on your way to finding that flatmate to help you share expenses, experiences, and bit of a fun?

No More Zombie Flatmates!


Does it always seem like every time you get a flatmate or find a student accommodation London that you feel like you are doing a movie remake of “Night of the Living Dead” or “The Odd Couple?”  Have you ever been stuck with that couch potato that sits around all day watching informercials and those B grade movies while you pick up their dirty laundry and constantly wash dishes?  Or are you tired of that neat freak flatmate that puts a coaster under you every time you want to sit down?  Then perhaps it’s time you downloaded a great app that will help you to find a flatmate you actually have something in common with.  Perhaps it is time you downloaded Ychatter.  After all, that’s why you stopped by this site isn’t it?  You want to know what this app can do for you.

Well one thing it can’t do is find the perfect flatmate for you.  However, it can increase your chances of finding a flatmate that you will actually like and be able to have a few things in common with.  And you will be able to accomplish this all in a fun and social manner, while viewing as many flatmate finder listings as you need to in order to find the right accommodations. Downloading Ychatter is free and once it is downloaded you can actually look at pictures of available accommodations as well as read the profile of the person renting the room.

You can also increase your chances of finding the right flat and the right flatmate by downloading your own profile so that potential flatmates who have a room for rent can look for you at the same time you are searching for them.  It really couldn’t be easier or more fun.  And since Ychatter is part social media you message that potential flatmate and learn even more about them before you actually meet so you will have a pretty good idea about comparability before you see one another face to face.

Wouldn’t it actually be wonderful to rent a room in a flat from someone who didn’t view you as a maid or the chief cook and bottle washer?  Wouldn’t it be great to actually have a flatmate who wanted to explore London with you or could simply share a laugh or two?  Of course if you really prefer that couch potato or that Zombie you can probably find those two as ychatter will help you connect with the right flatmate to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Survival in London is Very Difficult


londonLondon City is known as one of the most expensive cities around the globe.  It has house prices (whether renting or buying) getting increased quickly overtime. It is a place you would probably not want to choose.  Council tax and many other housing expenses are indeed higher than when you live outside the central city. The main reason why working people in Central London don’t want to live there is because of the high cost of living.

With lots of people coming and staying in London, people around always multiply in number.  The condition leads to a claustrophobia feeling where noise, congestion, and overcrowding do exist.  Once you are there, it becomes too tough to escape from the main city’s bustle and hustle.  Moreover, there are higher levels of crime, pollution, unemployment, and being a victim of opportunist employers.

Many people from other countries dream of a career job.  They want to earn more money to live happily and securely.  London is known to be the big city offering a variety of job opportunities to fresh graduates, degree holders, experienced, and professionals.  People’s dream to become rich is their deciding factor why they come to London and find their destiny.  It’s true that many foreigners who have worked here became affluent and found a career that improved their lives.  It’s true also that the city has the abundance of high-paying jobs for qualified applicants to be hired.

But London has the other side, the dark side of it, which is most unknown to many people.  The city is noisy, offensive, expensive, full of crime, and many innocent foreigners are ill-treated.  If you think getting a job in London is easy because of your skills and education, then you are totally wrong.  If you think the city will give you overflowing income and easy life, then you not right either.

People come here in quest for a good job.  Their purpose is to save substantial money from their salary.  And when they have accumulated enough money, they travel back to their country with wealth. This is a good goal for brighter financial status.

But when they reach London, the small amount in their pocket is not enough to spend for job application.  Many people wait for months or half a year before getting employed.  The money they have is already gone and they become hopeless to pay even their cheapest accommodation of 1 bed flat London.

Who will help them and support them in London? No one will as everyone lives there independently. Their dream job is very elusive and the high salary they want is only a dream in London.  Survival in London is very difficult especially when you are alone and nowhere can you find help from others.  Good jobs are awarded only to the most deserving candidates and not probably to someone like you.    Weeks to months of unemployment is not a joke when you have one bedroom flat to rent in London.

Most job seekers see each other in non-professional jobs that are unstable and with low pay.  Many of them have applied for part-time jobs with poor pay for their services.  They are maltreated by many employers and their pay is not good enough for everyday costs.

Workers may have stayed for two years in a night bar or restaurant job. Others work in department stores as sales ladies and others work as babysitters.  Many have tried working the job they don’t really like.  Others have ended having dirty occupations they hate.  But, they do this in order to continue living in London.

When it’s time to go back to their own country, they reach their place empty-handed.  There’s no big money earned and they look pretty ugly and poor. The exhaustive jobs have changed severely their appearance.  People’s dream to earn money and provide for wealth has turned the other way around.  They remain poorer and their work in London did not help a bit to acquire more money.

Experience in London is a nightmare which they have never expected to happen.

DIY Home Improvement Ideas


Home Improvement need not be daunting always. There are DIY home improvement projects you can consider for your home. Want to save while during doing renovation? Take a quick look at the tips and DIY suggestions for an idea.

Instead of opting for worst home improvements like adding a swimming pool, or a bath tub, go for aesthetic and functional renovation projects that will save money and also, improve your home value. Adding an additional room, a bathroom or even cabinetry work in key areas can be of value.

Instead of repainting the whole house, how about decorating them with wall papers? Not only will it be affordable, they are easy to remove and change whenever needed. Also, this is a DIY project and isn’t difficult on your energy or your pocket!

Alternative energy options can be ideal for your home. But when you don’t have the resources to get a solar panel, even with government rebates, check for other options that can be easy on you. There are companies that will install the solar panel for an EMI, rental or even free depending on their terms and conditions. Solar energy advantages and disadvantages are a cause of debate, though it can save loads on your energy bill. So if you think your area has good sunlight supply, you can consider installing one.

Did you DIY home improvements are the in-trend? There are many who resort to DIY projects for renovation, to cut costs and unleash their creativity. If you have what it takes, why not try it with your house? May be, it turns out real good and you can get part-time orders for interior designing! Undertaking windows or doors repair, installing a cabinet or cooktop, painting exteriors, interior fixtures and even insulating your attic can be taken up as DIY projects. Depending on what you know, you can even take up plumbing, wiring, tiling, etc.

Whatever said and done, managing cost is a tough job while renovating the house. Renting out your premise can yield a standard monthly rental that can come in handy during renovation. It can be the source of money that you have been waiting on, a standard and stable one! If you think renting isn’t your cup of tea, or is not that attractive financially, how about letting it out for students? College going students, or university students are looking at houseshare options and prefer living with flatmates, than hostel mates. Besides, you also get more than normal renting scale and they use the premise lesser than families.

On the other hand, you can also let it out to employed individuals. There are many individuals who work on project-project basis, like making storage tanks and mixing tanks, artwork or crafts, etc. They can be an ideal option over students, because they don’t have families and will also take care of the premise well. Remember to draw out the agreements clearly and in detail, to avoid any issues at a later date.

Is Solar Power Ideal for a Premise You Are Looking to Rent Out?


Solar Power is the current trend, with many people resorting to it as part of “Go Green” initiative. However, there are few things you must consider, should you decide to invest on solar power.

  • Do you want to go with free solar panels, or paid ones?
  • Are you planning to retain the property, or sell it after a period of time?

As much as advantages with solar power, there are disadvantages too. Depending on your choices and the advantages and disadvantages can vary slightly.

Let us address the first question – free solar panels or purchase? Here, if you have money to invest, like about $12,000 – $20,000, you are better off buying solar power panels yourself! Of course, you have government subsidy and tax rebates, which will be an added advantage and save about half of the purchase cost. However, the returns would be over a period of time, like 20 – 25 years as savings on energy bills. So, you must retain the property, to save on the energy cost.

In case you are planning on rental agreement for your property and letting out the premise, you would not directly benefit from investing in solar power panels. In that case, you would benefit by selling off the excess power generated by the panels, which would be bought by the solar power grid manufacturers, or other energy companies. In case you get such deals signed up, you could get at least $600 USD per year and not only redeem the cost, you would also get double or probably triple the investment, during the 20 – 25 years of the grid’s lifetime.

Now, the second question – retaining or selling off the property. If you intend to sell the property before the completion of 20 – 25 years (solar power grid’s lifetime), chances are that not all potential buyers might accept the solar panels, leave alone compensating it! So, you either need to find buyers who will accept installation of solar power grids, and probably agree to pay for the expenses incurred. They might accept, provided they don’t immediate remodeling plans, or if the grid’s don’t encroach on living space, if the grid isn’t spoiling the looks of the house and, if they will get a recurring income, besides saving on energy bills.

While installing solar power grids may be saving money due to generation of alternative energy, not all those taking your property on rental basis, would agree on this. Only when those taking your property on rent, live there during the day and can use the energy generated, they will be fascinated with the energy saving idea. In other case, they won’t really bother about it. So, working couple will not likely benefit from its installation. Unless or until you have alternative way to generate money from it, like selling generated power, you won’t be able to redeem the investment, leave alone profiting from it! So, when installing solar power grids, consider these facts, especially when looking to let out property on rental basis.

Looking for Student Accommodation in London? Here are Some Tips


Thousands of students come into London every year for studies. Most of these students come from outside of the UK and are from a culture that is totally different. For them, it is a huge culture shock. When they see the costs for renting a hotel or a house, then they are in for an even bigger shock. Considering the strength of the UK economy and the exchange rates, the rooms and the flats are simply too costly for the students. So they start looking for room buddies or try to find a flatmate. Many of the students use their alumni in their schools or colleges and try and find someone from their school or college who has an accommodation ready when they fly into London but many students are not so lucky.

Though they may find alumni, they may already be living in rooms that are filled and in such cases; the students have to find some student accommodation in London. Depending on the time of the year, it is either very easy or very difficult to find a flatmate. Usually it is very difficult to find any rooms at the peak of the admission season. It is really not possible for the students to come to London and be stranded at the airport looking for rooms or trying to find room buddies. In such cases, it is always good to plan ahead. With the growth of the internet, it is no longer a big problem. All that needs to be done is to log on a share accommodation site, it is very easy to find a flatmate.

It is not necessary that you need to do this only after you land in London. It may be too late to find a flatmate at that time. So, even before you leave your home city, once you have chosen the college that you are going to study in, log on to such websites and start searching for room buddies. You can either post ads saying that you are looking for find a flatmate or you can browse through the existing ads and see if there is something that fits your needs. The search features in these websites are powerful enough so that you can zero in on the area that you want to reside in and then check if there is anyone available there.

Once you have chosen the area and also filtered down on the possible room buddies, then you need to establish contact with the shortlisted people. You can contact them through some of these sites or you can mail them or even call them over phone. Just have a discussion with each one of them and see what their expectations are. Also, understand what type of roommates they are looking for and make sure that you are someone who matches their expectations. It is important to remember that you are the ones who are going to spend most of your time with each other during your college days and so you both need to be as compatible with each other as possible.

Once you have chosen one among the shortlisted people, it’s time for you to pack your bags and leave for the long journey ahead!

When Trying to Share Your Place what do you Need to Do?


So, you have decided to rent a room and share your premise, to cut costs. While most students understand renting a room is costly, they don’t understand sharing the premise can’t be an ideal solution, unless executed with care.

Yes, most think getting room buddies who can share the cost, will reduce their burden. However, that’s not the end of the story. Yes, getting right room buddies isn’t easy. To start with, you have decided to share the room. But, how prepared are you? Are you really prepared to share your premise and the amenities, including your bathroom, with a person you probably don’t know? Are you OK to give up your privacy and rights? You are probably OK with all this, since hostel would be worse. If that’s your take, here are few tips to make sharing a comfortable experience.

When you decide to share your room, you do understand there would be another person with you, for most part of your day. If so, how do you want the person to be? It should be a person, who would probably have similar traits and characteristics like you. Is it not?

List out the traits of the person, you determine to be a suitable buddy for you. Include a questionnaire you would like to ask a potential flatmate. Questions that will help determine their lifestyle and character should be included.

Decide how you would like to share the responsibilities and cost involved. Also, determine rights and rules associated, like if or not guests are allowed, if or not guests can stay overnight, etc.

If you are looking at a particular age group, or type of individuals, post advert in related platforms. For example, when looking to have fellow students, posting in university notice board, or when you don’t have any preference on the type of occupation your potential roommate should have, posting a newspaper advert should do.

You can also use the services of a flatmate finder, to identify the ideal roommate. Originally, you can hire personnel who would help with identifying roommates for you. You can give them a checklist and they will try their best, to fulfill them. But now, you can use the services of mobile apps like ychatter and chat with potential roommates. You can identify who’s suitable, even before meeting them and then decide if or not, and when you want to meet them for a final round of discussion.

Once all seems well, you can have them share the premise with you. Remember: NEVER add their names to the rental agreement. Having just your name to the rental agreement, will give you more control on who can share the premise with you. Also, in any case, when they don’t fulfill their responsibilities, or create unwanted issues in the premise, you can have them leave the premise, without much ado.